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Mount Vernon, VA
When George Washington lived here, Mount Vernon was virtually a self-contained community. Nothing was purchased that could be produced on site. Yet the Mansion House Farm was so well designed that the service lanes did not intrude upon the area reserved for the enjoyment of Washington, his family, and their many guests. Over the past 150 years, George Washington's architectural achievements at Mount Vernon have been painstakingly preserved and restored.
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Arlington Cemetery
Tram tour of Arlington Cemetery with stops at the Kennedy Grave Sites, Tomb of the Unknowns and Arlington House. (2 hours)

Colonial Days at Mount Vernon (Special Student Program)
At the Pioneer Farm, students watch costumed interpreters produce 18th century goods; learn about George Washington’s innovative farming practices; visit a reconstructed Slave Cabin; play colonial games; and see animals (like horses, mules, sheep, and oxen). (2 ½ hours)

Farmer Washington: A Man of Innovation (Special Student Program)
An introduction to George Washington’s innovative farming practices and his belief that America’s economic success and independence was tied to the ability to produce and ship agricultural products around the world. At Pioneer Farm, students are engaged through inquiry, object-based learning, and other special activities to understand Washington as a creative, experimental, and forward-thinking agriculturalist. (1 hour)

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens
Self-guided walking tour of the mansion house and more than a dozen outbuildings including the slave quarters, kitchen, stables and greenhouse. Allow time to visit the Ford Orientation Center. (3-4 hours)

Legends and Legacies: The Real George Washington (Special Student Program)
This guided tour takes students beyond the myths of cherry trees and wooden teeth to explore George Washington’s real character and accomplishments. Students participate fully in the experience through observation, questions, and discussion. While visiting the Mansion, the Slave Quarters, and Washington’s Tomb, they use their imaginations and analytical skills to discover Washington as a political and military leader, visionary farmer, family man, entrepreneur, architect and slave owner. (90 minutes)

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